Welcome To The Alexander Alliance

Bruce Fertman founded the Alexander Alliance in 1982. Over these past 30 years Bruce has trained hundreds of Alexander Technique teachers in America, Japan, and Germany.

The Alexander Alliance was the first certified teacher-training program based upon the work of Marjorie L. Barstow, the first person formally certified by F. M. Alexander to teach the Alexander Technique.

In Coyote/New Mexico, Bruce bases his training model on how he was trained by Marjorie Barstow. He studied intensively, four times a year, with Marjorie over a period of five years, and then less so for another eleven years.

Marjorie's trainees were referred to as "apprentices." She did not direct a formal school. Between 1900 and 1930 Alexander also did not direct a formal school. He received apprentices. This was the original model for training Alexander teachers.

Bruce has returned to this original model. Apprentices at the Alexander Alliance are required to participate in 15 retreats over a period of 3 to 5 years. Retreats are offered in America, Germany, and Japan. Apprentices are encouraged to study at some time during their apprenticeship in all three countries. We are a multicultural, intergenerational alliance of students and teachers who are deeply drawn to the work of F. M. Alexander and Marjorie L. Barstow.

Explore this website thoroghly. If you are interested in apprenticing with Bruce Fertman and in becoming an Alexander teacher, call Bruce Fertman at 505.629.6466, or email him at bf@brucefertman.com.